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Metal Maiden is a metal rock & roll band located in Youngstown, Ohio. Orginally the band consisted of two members: Faith McCullough and her father, Maximus McCullough. We work as a team to write and compose our own music. Our music is inspired by famo0us aretists like Ozzy Osbourne, Stevie Nicks, and Ann Wilson. It is also influenced by events that have taken place in our own lives. As a member of the metal band Metafor, Maximus McCullough has ample experience in the rock & roll world.

Faith takes center stage with her persona and lead vocals. Originally Maximus was doing the Drums, Guitar, Bass guitar, and Lead. Recently Rich Wyant, friend and drummer of the family has been helping with the drum trax on the album "Metal Maiden". He has also contributed some ideas for the Faith image while on camera. Faith also assists with backup on vocals. This trio is multi-talented and multi-functional.

We are fully equipped with our own recording studio and can supply our own sound board equipment for future venues. We take advantage of many useful media tools to promote Faith';s music such as: her website, email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, and many more. To check out our social networking, visit these links: - Band URL: - Facebook:
- Twitter:
It only takes one voice to make a difference - that voice is the voice of Faith McCullough: Metal Maiden.

Faith lives in Youngstown Ohio. She was born in Butler Pa. January 2000. She has one older sister "Abbie" and 2 younger brothers "Harley" and "David" She is the Daughter of Max and Karen.

This young talented musician also loves to write poetry, stories, and all kinds of interesting literature. Her imagination is endless in so many ways. Faith is a humble sweet and kind person; she is also vigorous and bold when she needs to be. There is a delicate balance that she has achieved that personifies all the ingredients of an attractive person. You can't help but love this girl, her hard work dedication and devotion to her work, family, and friends is something that you only read about in fairy tales. Faith is a very positive individual and chooses to see life in all its array of colors and beauty. Her foundation is concrete, her love is strong, and her hope is high.

The songs written are usually based on events that have really happened in Faiths life and /or her Fathers. There is no limit to what we can write about; we just want it to sound good. We usually grab the acoustic guitar and come up with a little rhythm and start writing from there. Another way that we do it is that Faith will go to her father with a little rhyme and then they will come up with a rhythm to match the rhyme. Although there are many music theories out there the best ingredient to a song is human emotion and developed from that.